Nothing quite beats the unique feeling of a Made to Measure suit. I pride myself on making individual and stylish suits that fit perfectly.

We’ll talk you through all the fabrics and design options available, discuss when, where and how often you want to wear the finished piece, and, perhaps most importantly, find out a little more about what makes you tick. Utterly individual – that’s the mark of made to measure. 


Suits: top to bottom

We create fully made to measure two piece and three piece suits using the very finest British and Italian fabrics. 

A new made to measure suit starts with a discussion of all the design options available. From linings to lapel details, contrasting vents and buttonhole stitch to monograms, there are myriad options to consider. 

If your suit is for a one-off occasion we can add the date to your suit – the perfect way to always remember your wedding anniversary! 

And stunningly one-off pieces don’t stop at suits – we also create jackets, overcoats and more. 

Shirts: refine any outfit

Whether you’re after an everyday business shirt or something with a quirkier twist, a made to measure shirt will make you feel like a king. 

We carry a wide range of cottons in different weights, along with plenty of collar and cuff designs. Optional contrasting collar, cuff and gusset inlays can add an extra dash of personality, whether in a different colour, check design or our new Liberty prints.

You can also select your favourite buttonhole thread and buttons, and even add a monogram on the chest or cuff. 

There is a minimum order quantity of 3 shirts per client with a lead-time of 6 weeks.

Our suits, jackets, trouser, overcoats and various other specialist pieces take between 8-10 weeks.

More than measurements

At your shirt fitting we take individual body measurements to produce your own unique pattern. This is then stored on our system for future reference. Fancy a new made to measure shirt? Simply call, email or visit to choose your cloth and design without having to be measured again – just make sure you’re honest about any weight fluctuation! 

As for made to measure suits – measurements alone aren’t enough here. We’ll ask you to try on one of our unique templates, giving us a much better understanding of the dimensions of your garment. When you try on our template we’ll discuss elements from the rise of your trouser (do they feel too high or low?), to how tapered you would like the leg to be. We’ll pin your jacket to give you the exact silhouette you want, and look at armhole depth, shoulder construction, lapel width, tapering of the sleeve and many other elements. And once again we’ll keep your template on our system to make ordering another suit utterly smooth and simple.