Royal Ascot 2017 - Gentleman's Attire

Royal Ascot is the 5-day meeting in June that is one of the greatest events in not only the horse racing calendar but also the fashion world.

The racecourse is steeped in history, founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, a keen horse rider, she came across an open heath of land whilst our riding which she found to be “ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch”.

The dress code for Royal Ascot is traditional to say the least. Britain’s fashion icon from the 19th century, Beau Brummell set the tone for the dress code in the Royal Enclosure. A tone that is still seen in the dress code today. Gentlemen must wear either black or grey morning dress (not to be confused with a morning suit) that must include a waistcoat and tie, a black or grey top hat and black shoes. Gentlemen may remove top hats within certain designated areas such as within a restaurant or in a private box, however due to this years unusually high temperatures nearing 30 degrees celsius, organisers allowed gentlemen to remove their jackets whilst in the Royal Enclosure in what is believed to be first for this prestigious venue.


This year saw gentlemen proudly showing off their finery with a style focus on teaming black tails and trousers with contrasting waistcoats. Champagne coloured waistcoats were clearly the colour of the week teamed with oyster blue ties.


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