In Groom: 2017’s On Trend Wedding Looks For Men

Largely the creation of suit hire operations which find it easier to peddle a single cut and style rather than - heaven forbid - offer the groom-to-be any choice, this assumption has trapped many an unsuspecting man in an average looking suit come his big day.

But the truth is, wedding suits are like any other type of clothing - tastes change, driven by individual preferences and wider fashion trends. There has never been any kind of ‘timeless classic’ look for groom’s outfits - just dig out your mum and dad’s wedding album if you want proof. The suits men opt for now are different to what was fashionable twenty, thirty years ago, and that’s the way it should be.

Ultimately, any groom-to-be wants to look his best come the big day, and to do that, he needs a suit which says he is the man of the moment, not confined by some made up convention. So if you are getting married this year and are looking for a style made for 2017, here are the trends to check out:

Patterned Dinner Suits

Nothing confirms just how far the modern man has come from the conventions of yesteryear than current buzz around patterned suits. For the discerning groom, dinner suits with stylishly understated two tone geometric patterns - especially vertical stripes or large check - are attracting a lot of hype in the fashion media. Or if you really want to make a statement, pairing a bolder pattern on a dinner jacket with plain trousers is also cropping up on the catwalk more and more - it’s all about having the confidence to carry it off.

Beyond Blue

Just lately, blue has been the new black in suit style, particularly the brighter, bolder, punchier shades. But if you don’t want a wedding suit which says 2016, what are the colours to go for in 2017? Deep, earthy, strong shades seem to be a hit, with darker emerald green shades and burgundy getting plenty of attention.

Keep It Minimal

Bold patterns and striking colour are not to everyone’s taste, of course, and the secret to a great wedding suit is to choose something that is true to your own preferences. If you prefer to stick to plain blacks and charcoal greys with your formal wear, the current trend for stripped back, modernist apparel might be right up your street. Sharp, straight cuts with matching colour shirts, trousers and jacket create an extremely strong look which won’t look at all out of place on the wedding aisle. Plus, this is one style of suit which actually looks better without any kind of tie.

Velvet Tuxedo

Everything comes around in fashion, and if you are more of a traditionalist, you can still look very much en vogue while giving a big nod to the past. Velvet has been the material of choice for many a groom’s wedding suit for several years now, and a tux is - well, a tux. If you want smart, timeless chic, you can’t go wrong with a tuxedo, while choosing a velvet number will add just that little bit of edge to it.

Your Suit, Your Way

Whatever style you are after, the only way you can guarantee getting the right wedding suit for you is to go bespoke. At Richard Smith Bespoke, we can accommodate all styles and offer a huge range of fabrics, including different colours and patterns, to choose from.  So if you are a groom-to-be, why not treat yourself with one of our made-to-measure, hand crafted suits for the big occasion? Visit to find out more.